thansgivings of my youth have made me expect enough snow on the ground to go snowmobiling with my cousin bill, enough snow to get stuck in the drifts in the pasture.

last year, there was barely any snow all winter long, and it was warm enough in january to go without a coat. minnesota’s in a drought, and i can’t imagine anyone denying some sort of climate change.

and while i hate being cold, i do live in minnesota where i expect the cold and don’t deny the cold. i don’t get surprised at -3, and in fact brag about it. i don’t like the cold and bundle up against it, but goshdarnit, i’m hardy?

so where’s my snow? where’s my average december temperature? it’s got to be lower than the 50 degrees that are supposed to make an appearance this saturday. i want my cold temps! i like snow on christmas, the white draping over lights-strewn pine trees, the ground changing from a drab november brown to a crisp december white, Β so where is it?

i’m hoping that by the time i pull out my christmas decorations and hopefully find the room for a tree, there will be something white on the ground, or at least in the long-term forecast.

here’s hoping.

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