snow days

side street in st. charles on saturday afternoon.

side street in st. charles on saturday afternoon.

i could get used to this 3-day weekend schtick pretty quick here. this past friday was the 3rd snow/cold day RCTC has had this semester. that’s all within 2 months. word in the office is that a whole day off for weather is virtually unheard of, so this is how we know this winter has been gross.

in my whole four years at st. ben’s, we didn’t have one single snow day. if i was lucky, we might’ve had a late start, but probably not since i can’t remember anything like that. while i was in high school, the governor himself closed public schools 3 times, so we had that going for us.

so what is up with the weather anyway? after the first cold snap, the weather dude on mpr was saying that would be the last of the cold weather we’d see this year. then we had a couple more. after the last one, my coworker, who owns a dairy farm, said the long-term forecast showed no more cold snaps. guess what? it’s supposed to get down to -15 this next week on an overnight.

they (the ubiquitous they) say that this is the coldest winter in thirty years. i am one of those people who is in the mindset of, “oh, it’s below 40 degrees? it’s cold.” cold is cold. doesn’t matter if it’s 32 or -32 – it’s all the same to me. my gas bill says otherwise, and i thank the gods above and below that i bought a new-construction with new insulation.

speaking of cold and snow, i’m off to watch late-night olympics, which are taking place in not-cold sochi. what a joke.

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