snow days 2

i have a widget in wordpress that pops up relevant blog posts at the end of each post. on yesterday’s post, this one popped up: snow.

in it, i lament the lack of snow in 2011 and 2012 (and the drought, as well as cold temps. where is this minnesota i keep hearing about? basically i was whining because it wasn’t cold enough or snowy enough and i wanted to uphold my tough minnesota status.

well, well, well, JOKE’S ON ME!

this winter started so early and has been so overwhelmingly minnesotan that we are all just aching for spring to show up even though it’s still february and spring generally doesn’t show up until at least the end of march around these parts.

the good news? it’s pretty out. i’d much rather look at a white, crisp, snowy landscape than dead brown grass. also, we’re probably no longer in a drought. thirdly, (hopefully) any nasty pest bugs will have frozen this winter and will leave our trees alone.

the bad news? i hate the cold. but cold is cold, so i just bundle up and deal. i also want to plant stuff, but i run into this dilemma every year around this time.

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