sniff sniff

i went to fargo this past weekend to visit melissa. the drive is a long one, but it’s pretty much a straight shot, pushing up through the cities, through central mn, then up to fargo. my way up had no space for extra stops, but my drive home did. so when i knew st. john’s exit was coming up, i decided to stop and say hi to lake sag. 

it was drizzling, but i still drove through campus, around the edge by lower stumpf lake, then parked in back by the potters’ studio. got out and just stood by the lake for 5 minutes, taking in the trees, the smells, the chapel across the water, the campus. it made me so incredibly sad. 

then i drove the back roads to st. joe, then through town. there was construction on the csb campus, otherwise i would’ve taken a little zip through there. 

stopped at grandma’s, then headed on my way as there was still 2-1/2 hours of driving.

what was i doing, though? i was already home. 

i need to get back there.

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