sad face

yesterday nate and i packed up a uhaul, realized that we had too much stuff, drove to new london to swap my car for the wallace van, packpackpack, cleaned, and finally went to sleep. on a 3″ foam mattress topper 🙁

after a crappy night’s sleep, we woke up, finished cramming stuff in the vehicles, cleaned a little bit, and then took off, leaving 250 18th ave for the last time 🙁


so after a 3 hour drive through the cities, we got to austin, unloaded some stuff and loaded other stuff. we took off to rochester where we planned to just do a couple things, BUT we ended up unpacking everything into the large van our landlord is letting us put our stuff into. ugh, what a long two days.

in two weeks, we will hopefully be moving into the place. which we got to see! painted and heat is running, so i’m hoping it will be two weeks(could be 3 oh dear).

ok, so that’s the update. blogging on my phone isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world!

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