i don’t know what’s been going on with my body lately, but my runs have been really rough lately. i’ve been trying to eat earlier so i don’t have to worry about having a full stomach on my runs, and i’ve even taken aspirin before heading out in hopes that it would at least dull the overall pounding my body does on the pavement.

so, i figure it’s one of two things:

a. i need more sleep. this is highly likely. i’ve been sleeping like crap lately, and i really need to catch up on lost sleep from the last month, which i just haven’t been able to get around to doing. i try to get to sleep around 11 each night, but for some reason my brain doesn’t want me to go to sleep until midnight. thanks, brain. idiot.

b. i need new shoes. new shoes make everything better usually, but i know my current ones still have some life left in them. but, i will need some fairly quickly, and my knees haven’t been giving me too much grief lately. 

or it could be a combination of the two, which is probably right. i’ve been avoiding the hills lately by driving down to the school and taking off either on the track or running around town. town is more exciting, but the track sure is nice on the feets and knees.

anyway, that’s my running update.

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