Review: The Flight of the Silvers

The Flight of the Silvers
The Flight of the Silvers by Daniel Price
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

the time quandries. the parallel universes. the paradoxes. ugh! it’s hard to wrap your head around these things, but this book tackled them head on. the linearness of time is so hard to dismiss when trying to think about the ideas of parallel universes and how endless they must be. i liked how this book was all about the weirdness of time, plus an apocalyptical plot to boot. unfortunately for me, i came to the end of the book before the story was done; i didn’t know this was a trilogy! that’s fine by me – more books to look forward to.

a couple weird things that stuck out at me: naming the characters by their professions and/or relationship status was a little odd to me. the artist? we know his name is zack. the sisters is ok, but to call amanda the widow? like her entire character was driven by the fact that her husband is dead? at least calling hannah the actress didn’t drive attention to the fact that everyone thought she was a slut (and so what if she likes to have sex? that’s her prerogative. no need to call it to attention). it’s kind of weird that theo, david, and mia didn’t have such nicknames; consistency would be nice if omnisciently calling the main characters by nicknames.

and if it weren’t for another review on goodreads that brought my attention to the reiterative nature of hannah’s chestal area, i may not have noticed it, but man, attention is brought to her boobs and figure quite a bit.

BUT. the plot is great, and i’m looking forward to the next book.

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