saturday, nate and i signed the purchase agreement on our house at the same time the people who are buying it were in the house for their inspection. it wasn’t really a true inspection, just a second viewing, really. we actually had a home inspection done, and it took close to 3 hours. they were here for an hour. and they called delores while we were at her office, and they said everything looked good.

they’ve been pre-approved, so really now it’s just a waiting game until closing date, nov. 21. *sigh of relief*

that means it’s time to pack! wonderful. i really hate moving, but this will be good. nate’s excited to get out of the STC walmart. he’ll request a transfer (if one’s available) and then the week before thanksgiving he’ll take off, then start at the roch walmart on dec. 1 (hopefully).

i’m thinking of having a housecooling party! how fun would that be? i don’t know when i’d have it, but i’ll have to think about it.

omg, it’s really happening! woo!

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