was at work today, and wanted to check my blog to make sure my posts timed correctly yesterday, so on my break (…) i checked it out and there on the front page was a post form OCTOBER 14.




i nearly keeled over in my chair. checked with liz; she saw it too. all my california posts…gone….

i racked my brain; there was nothing i did that would’ve caused a complete breakdown of my blog. i hadn’t done any updates, i hadn’t changed any settings, i hadn’t even touched a plugin or theme setting anywhere. just two posts. WHAT WAS GOING ON.

so i calmed down a bit and contacted my host when i got home. 

apparently they had moved servers and expected their clients to update their nameservers for their domains. (i feel like that should just be an automatic update.)

so the tech help dude told me how to change it, then i had to wait a few hours, and NOW, thankfully, i have all my posts back. 


this kablpomo has turned into a real mess of things, hasn’t it. 

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