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i watched the entire series of “lost” online. the day after the episodes aired on tv, i watched them on my computer on the abc website. it was a nifty little setup.

so now i’ve been trying to watch “the magicians” online after they’ve aired on tv, and according to the syfy (stupid syfy name) website, i SHOULD be able to do that. the quality is crappy, and when i chromecast it to the tv, it’s like i’m watching a weird, jerky over-the-air with rabbit ears antenna tv show. 

i guess i can deal with crappy quality. but what really is irritating me is that they seemed to have capped me at four episodes. why bother advertising being able to watch the show on your site if you’ve not going to let people actually watch the show? yes, i’ve tried an incognito browser. the only other option at this point is to try to run my IP through another location. 

i understand them wanting to force people to watch it via cable, but then why advertise the ability to “watch full episodes now” if you really can’t. (and i’m sorry – i’m not paying $2.99/episode to watch this. i’ll wait for netflix at this point.)

relevant oatmeal here. 

ps: did you know that now even the basic hulu costs a monthly fee? i thought it used to be free…

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