rain rain rain

it’s supposed to rain with temps in the 40s all week, then on saturday, which is my first 5k of the season, the sun will break forth with a high of 58. i know they say april showers bring may flowers, but this is ridonkulous.

i have gotten tired of the treadmill. i was down there last night, and i just am blah about it – i would much rather run up the crappy hills in this town and be outside and look around than stuck in my basement running in place.

i’m trying to sell my lawn mower i bought last fall so i can get some cash. craigslist, i’m counting on you. i’ve gotten a lot of emails about it, but i haven’t gotten a firm “yes i want to come see it this day” from anyone yet.

hmm…what else is there. oh yeah! the dark tower series has gone meta. it could end wtih captain picard waking up from a faint on the holodeck and i wouldn’t be surprised.

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