september is such a temperamental month for me, emotionally. on the one hand, i really like summer, especially the beginning of it. on the other hand, i really like autumn. september starts off summery and ends a little autumny. but it’s so hard to say goodbye to summertime, especially when i know that the cold, harsh winter is just around the corner. (i don’t mind the snow; i don’t mind the ice. it’s the cold!)

this first week of september is just soupy and awful. high 80s all week and humidity through the roof. then next week it gets a little cooler. the weird thing is that i see all these advertisements for autumny things, like pumpkin coffees and foods and all things associated with fall, and the leaves are starting to change, but goodness gracious where has the summer gone. it takes so long to get through winter only to have summer whirlwind its way through the season. and i LOVE autumn. may and october are my favorite months. i am feeling just a teensy bit excited for fall, but when the warmth is what i’ve got, it just seems too soon. but like they say, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, right? (oh, joni mitchell…)

so, all this to say, it’s #pumpkinquota season. bring it on. i guess. 

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