my half marathon training is 12 weeks long, but i’ve given myself an additional 2-3 weeks to get it done. so far i’ve been on task and completed two weeks, which were a 3m-2m-3m rest rest 4m rest. next up we go to 3.5m-2m-3.5m rest rest 5m for a couple weeks. and so on.

a half marathon is a little more than 13 miles, and my schedule has me running just 10 miles the week before. at that point, i’m sure another three miles is just peanuts, but i added the extra couple weeks so that i could ramp it up to maybe 12 miles the week before the race. 

in other news, i might die at this thing. i’m not confident i can do it.

but, in other other news, i got NEW SHOES, which is like running on pillows, and a new sports bra, which is like when you’ve worn the same old bra for two years and you finally get a new one in the correct size. GLORIOUS. also, it converts into a racerback, which is nice. 

i’ve got the equipment (besides my space-cat running pants) and i’ve got the program. do i have the motivation?

(as an aside, i’ve also decided it would be wise to lose maybe 20 lbs before the race since it’s easier to run when you’re lighter. so far i haven’t seen a lot of progress on that front, but i’m guessing when i start running 20+ miles a week, the pounds might slide off easier. or i’ll just eat more pancakes since i’ve burned 3000 calories/week. who knows.)


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