politics 101

i’ve always been a big proponent of voting on regular elections, but this year i might actually check out what the caucus system in minnesota is like. 

states either have primaries or caucuses (i think primaries are more prevalent). a caucus is sort of a representative system versus a voting system. this year it’ll take place on march 1 (super tuesday). i’ve already checked out where mine is (the st charles high school), and i’d go and sit in the back to watch how it works. and maybe raise my hand for bernie.

this election cycle may turn out to be very interesting. trump is a blowhard who’s going to alienate a lot of people, and if bernie gets the dem nomination, his lenient view of gun reform may just pull over a few republicans. (although he’s pretty socialist in other views.)

i’ll report back after march 1 and let you know how the system works!

while we’re here, i want to remind myself to spend a blog post looking at the militants in oregon (what exactly is going on? what’s the deal?) and another to express my extreme ambivalence on gun control (literally can’t even make a decision). 

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