growing up in austin was a completely wonderful experience (or my perspective of it was). we lived in the country, and austin had a lot amenities for your average 8-year-old. after we moved when i was 14, and i adapted to a larger class size (MUCH larger), then went to college and adapted to a larger city to live in, going back to austin for various reasons always resulted in my taking a second look at my hometown and thinking, “oh my god. what a dumpy little town.”

so, when i accepted my new job and also accepted having to live in austin for the next 5 months, i avoided going into town, and when i did, i got in and got out, mostly in the walmarts and targets. i did more shopping in rochester than in austin.

but when i do drive through austin, and i have more in the past two weeks since nate’s been in town and i’m here on the weekends, i find that i know where i’m going without thinking. and rather than dumpy, the atmosphere makes me more sad and reminiscent than anything else.

today i went around town and took pictures. i’m sure there are about 500 people in this town who looked at this crazy girl taking pictures and wondering why on earth anyone would want to document this town. but i’ve been wanting to for a while. so i did, and here are the results.

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