ooh, oregon just got real

wow, what a weird coincidence. the day after i publish a huge post about oregon, there is big news out of the militant occupation in the mahleur wildlife refuge.

ammon bundy, the leader of the bundy group, was arrested today along with four other occupiers. 

the FBI and state police started an operation at 4:25 today (pacific time, i’m assuming, so 6:25 here). one member of the bundy group, the spokesman robert finicum, was shot dead, and another member was injured from a gunshot wound. 

the group was on the highway on the way to a community meeting, and the law (the law – this sounds like old west) had set up a roadblock on a 40-mile stretch of the highway and police were in a small town with guns. 

according to a member of the group (whose opinion can be taken either way, i guess), finicum came out with his hands up and police just shot him. 

the people arrested were charged with conspiracy to impede federal officers, which is a felony. 

ok, so that’s pretty much all we know for now; i’ll update if anything big happens. 


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