one thought


megan posted this to her facebook timeline, asking for that one thought. at first i responded that i wanted to focus less on money and just travel. but that’s not a revolutionary thought. so i thought about it some more. here’s what i posted:

“i think we have plenty of thoughts, but it’s acting on them that will change us. even it it’s merely a different way of thinking, you still need your brain to buy in – acting on it. i can think something til i’m blue in the face, but until i believe it, it won’t change squat.”

but! when that thought does strike, it strikes. maybe it’s a slow change of opinion on your self image; maybe it’s an “ah ha!” moment of clarity when understanding another’s point of view. the unfortunate thing is is that most people are so set in their ways that it’s hard to have a life-changing thought or action.


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