OMG too long

i’ve been really slacking here! after a month of blogging every day, you’d think i’d just continue the habit, but i guess not. so here’s bullet tuesday.

  • liz had her baby. i watched hannah for 48 hours and wanted to curl in a ball and live in a hole. there’s only so many times you can a short person to put on her underwear before going insane. but craig is out in the world and ready to make trouble. 
  • had my 10th anniversary and did absolutely nothing for it, which makes me depressed every time i think about it. ugh.
  • got my christmas tree and am in the process of putting up decorations. it’s the weirdest looking tree i think i’ve ever gotten, but that’s ok. i didn’t want a trimmed up cylinder. 
  • prepping to make cookies. i have my egg whites in the fridge for macarons, and nate and i are going to costco soon where i will buy a metric ton of flour, sugar, and butter. 
  • my parents’ 40th anniversary is this saturday. then sunday i’ll be doing canvas and chardonnay with my mom. if anyone needs some C&C gift certificates, let me know. i have two extra!
  • christmas is coming up too quickly! i just want to sleep.


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