now back to your regularly scheduled programming

remember before binge watching? before you got an entire season of a show at one time and you got every episode with no waiting between shows? 

remember when you got a week’s worth of buildup between shows? the cliffhanger endings of each show?

i kind of miss that. 

i looked forward to every sunday when xena and herk were on, waiting each week, getting my popcorn, sitting down to watch at the same time each week. there was just something about the structure of it, that fact that you couldn’t just watch it any old time. 

when the new sherlock holmes abominable bride was scheduled, i got really excited, and not just about the episode; i was excited because it was in the future, and i could let the excitement build up.  (B-T-Dubs – great episode!)

so while i’m excited about all these great netflix shows that i gave reviews to, i’m also very excited thinking about taking it one episode at a time. looking forward to the next sherlock holmes season!

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