no reunion :(


every year my mom’s family gets together for a family reunion up at leech lake, where we spend 3.5 days swimming, camping, hanging out with each other, and bonfiring.

this year, we have two weddings almost directly after: one in august and one in september. unfortunately, the powers that be (aunts and uncles) have nixed the reunion this year. also unfortunately, the reunion is the only real vacation i can count on every summer.

don’t get me wrong; i loooove going to weddings. i love getting all fancy and dancing and drinking. but it’s just not the same! i want a lake with a boat and a loon and swimming and fires and beer and being with a bunch of people i like. while i’ll still be seeing those same people, it’ll be for a shorter amount of time and with other people there i don’t know. plus there is just not the same venue for jokes. (we always tell horrible jokes at our reunions.)

so now i’m on a mission to find a lake this summer that i can swim in. one deficiency of this area is its overabundance of rivers and creeks and lack of big lakes.

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