my friday!

first of all, i love my 3-day weekends.

i am only slightly less ragey from my cousin’s over-the-top lecture, but i just keep telling myself that these people are insane. it helps a little.

and in that vein, i want to run the big gay race! it’s a 5k walk/run in support of opposition of the gay marriage amendment in minnesota. i’m hoping megan will run/walk it with me. i’m guessing by that time my ankle will have healed (oh god i hope so) and i’ll be able to take a nice cool september race.

i’m leaving in an hour and a half to drive home. i talked to my realtor today and we’re lowering the price again. i’m ready to be out of the shelter (again, in the same vein) and the house really needs to sell. nate is visiting ME next weekend, and friday we’re going to rochester to check out some rentals. the two cats will really put a strain on the pocketbook with pet deposits. πŸ™ oh kitties.

and here’s a little something i found on mashable about an evolutionary dr. pepper ad. seriously? SCIENCE. IT WORKS.

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