money sink

it’s true; buying a house is a money sink. you’d think since i’d already owned a house, i would be set. but each place is different. a brand new house lacks a lot of things. this one needed a washer and dryer, plus all the window treatments – curtain rods, blinds, etc. so not only is it a money sink, it’s a time and work sink. bleah.

and i’m sure you’re all sick and tired of reading about houseblog! let me tell you, i wish houseblog were over as well, because then i could move above and beyond houseblog. and it would mean the house would be set to go! (and clean.)

today i finally got the email i’ve been waiting for since halloween – the rural development loan was finally approved! that only took 3 weeks longer than it should have. closing is scheduled for this friday, and now my anxiety over having to pack up and find somewhere else to live can be kicked to the curb.

onward and upward!

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