modern pangea



i am intrigued by this prompt; not by the words, but by the land mass and its ocean counterpart. yes, we can talk international relations and borders, economies, tourism, governments, but what i don’t think this prompt necessarily brings to light is the massive piece of water surrounding the single land mass.

what would be different? tides? the waves? what happens if there is an earthquake and a tsunami ensues? would one half the land be smashed? are giant waves like in “interstellar” a legitimate worry?

how about the wildlife? imagine the giant sea creatures that would evolve with that much space to swim around in. i don’t know enough about pangea-time fossils, or if there even WERE fossils to find from that era, but giant fish and loch ness monsters wouldn’t be too far fetched. think whales are big? what if there were killer fish three times as big? gah!

would our economies be hugely different because we’d need to invest in sailing equipment built 100X tougher than it is now? or would we avoid the oceans since our land mass is self contained?

giant waves just kind of freak me out, and the thought of a giant ocean like this makes me shiver.

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