little of this, little of that

i need to inventory my seeds so i know what i need to get for planting this spring. i know i have enough bean seeds, and i have some tomato seeds. i also need to figure out how to make tomato seedlings that actually survive outside 🙁 

i’m hoping to have another plot this spring – i haven’t gotten anything from community ed yet, but here’s hoping. $15 was well worth the space. 

this year: tomatoes, cucumbers, beans (not as many this year), pumpkins (big ones!), squash, potatoes, peppers, kohlrabi, broccoli, try onions again, carrots (? maybe), rotating lettuce possibly. i threw in some flower seeds at the end, and that was really nice! it was pretty!

that’ll be a nice thing to get started to get through winter doldrums.

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