light the advent candle one

i went to gradeschool in a large stone building on the east side of austin, which was connected to a church of the same tan stone. the halls were dark and tall, wooden beams crisscrossing the ceiling and meeting in the center at the principal’s office. 

while we may have gotten away with it at a public school due to my schooldays being in the 80s, in catholic school we were able to celebrate christmas. except, if you know anything about catholicism, we generally didn’t start with anything christmassy until at least the third week of advent. 

during advent, a round table was placed in the atrium outside the principal’s office, upon which a wreath and four candles stood – three purple and one pink. the advent wreath. 

once a week, the entire school would gather in the center of the building for the lighting of the advent candles – week one, purple; week two – two purples; week three – two purples and a pink!; week four – three purples and a pink. (pink represents joy – christmas is getting closer!)

then the entire school would sing the advent candle song:

Light the Advent candle one 
Now the waiting has begun 
We have started on our way 
Time to think of Christmas day. 

Candle, candle burning bright 
Shining in the cold winter night 
Candle, candle burning bright 
Fill our hearts with Christmas light. 

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