let's go for a run!

i was out two weeks running for my foot issue back in october. last month was just frigid, so my outside running opportunities were close to nil, and i had to force myself to get on the treadmill (well, i’d rather run on the treadmill and be warm). i was really disappointed that my outdoor running for this past fall was cut so short.

then i saw that this weekend was supposed to be 40s out and no snow on the ground. i wasn’t incapacitated! i wasn’t sick! i threw on my running clothes and headed outside. 

there is just something about running outside that is leaps and bounds (literally) ahead of treadmill running. the air is fresh. it blows in your face so you aren’t stewing in your sweat more than need be. there is more than the wall to look at. you’d think that running on a treadmill would be easier running, but it’s not, so i had a better time of actually getting my feet on the ground. i could weave all over the path and not worry about stepping off the side and falling to my death via moving machine. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.58.30 PMneedless to say, my mid-december run was glorious. it wasn’t too cold, the asphalt wasn’t frozen, and there was moisture in the air so i wasn’t running with a raw throat. it was foggy, so visibility wasn’t great, but it meant i didn’t have to worry about sunglasses. i was just outside of a mile and a half when i realized i should probably turn around and head home because the sun set 4:30, otherwise i would’ve made this a four mile run. curse you axial tilt! 

i got home – my cheeks were chilly and my glasses foggy, but overall it was a really good run. my time wasn’t the greatest, but what do you expect from two months of on and off running on a crappy treadmill? 

here’s to outside running! *huzzah*

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