let's go 2015


since i did so well on last year’s, one can only hope i follow up accordingly.

1. repeat of my oldie but goodie: take more pics! i will continue from last year!

2. DECK. let’s do this.

3. do something about my basement? maybe? start on it? i’m more focused on a deck at this point.

4. do something about my GARDEN. gah. not sure how that’s going to work out. :/

5. VACATION. ok, this is not a resolution because the reservations are already made, but it might change up before we go, so i’ll stick it on there.

6. do i want to do something about my photography? advertise? make money from it? hmmmm

7. HALF MARATHON??? possibly???

8. gotta do something with running/eating. i glimpsed sub-200 last year and then frittered it away with christmas. i’m going to start going to yoga classes, and that along with maybe half marathon, and hopefully healthier eating, might get me under that again. 

9. HIKING. make a plan with liz about hiking the lake superior trail in the next few years. this requires a lot of gear, but i’m hoping between craigslist and other secondhand stuff, we’ll be able to outfit ourselves on the cheap. 

10. last year i made plans to spend time in whitewater park. never happened. this year i’m hoping to actually make good on that. also, if i want to hike the LST, gotta start training!

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