kuchen part II

i tried my hand at an almond filling. ground up some almonds with powdered sugar, a little vanilla, and egg white. then mixed in some honey. it was gooey and looks like oatmeal, but tasted good. IMG_9044so, after a failed first attempt (i had unwittingly used year-expired yeast and after 3 hours, it had risen maybe 1/4), i finally got my dough ready to go. the only recipe i have for the b-kuchen is one in grandma’s church cookbook that she published it in. there are a couple questionable things (a rolled out thickness of ONE INCH??), but so far it seems to be the same recipe πŸ™‚ IMG_9038but first, let me wax eloquent about the smell of lemons. the kuchen recipe calls for lemon rind, and this was the only time growing up that we actually bought a lemon. so it stands to reason that the smell of grating a lemon, or cutting into a lemon, always brings up memories of spring and eastertime. it’s such a fresh scent. now let me wax eloquent about my microplaner. if you do not have one of these, GET ONE NOW. not only do they grate fruit rinds better, but it will also serve as a whole nutmeg Β grater as well. hard cheese (parmesan) is also served well with the microplaner. it’s useful and handy and easy to clean. ok. IMG_9047time to roll that bad boy out and cut into squares! insert homemade filling, pinch, pinch, pinch and pinch. IMG_9052rising pre-oven. got my post-oven setup ready to go. note silicon brush: only useful thing i found in a pampered chef catalog. IMG_9061and done! since my parents aren’tΒ eating these, i pull my kuchen out when they are BARELY done. bottoms are barely golden, dough is nice and chewy (but not raw). i had some tops flip up, as you can see. no real exploding kuchen with the poppyseed, but the almond filling just went kaflooey all over. oh well. better luck next time. IMG_9067and i was actually surprised there were no exploding kuchen, because you can see that i packed it in there pretty good.

A NOTE ON THE FILLING: tasting just the filling proved to be sweet enough, but after baking, it seems that some of the sweetness was lost. not sure if this is due to the poppyseed being ground, raw, or what, but if you want the filling sweeter, i recommend upping the sugar content in the recipe from yesterday. next year i’ll up it to 1 or 1.25 cups of sugar. not that this is bad; it’s just not as sweet as the solo filling.

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