kablpomo continued…

after this week-long break, now i’m feeling i’ve got to keep up my blog game. but today i was so tired all day long. i slept 10 hours last night and took an hour nap today. i’ll probably pass out here in the next half hour and get another 8.5 hours tonight. traveling wears a person out!

and back to real life and what to do, what to do. after the election, i feel fired up to do something, somewhere, somehow. sure, i can wear a safety pin, but i feel like that’s a very small thing a person can do. i might start volunteering at planned parenthood. i thought about doing something at a women’s shelter, but i feel like i’m more passionate about PP. so i’ve looked into and we’ll see what happens (another option is the local pet shelter, but i doubt DT will go after our pets).

i’ve uploaded all my trip photos to FB, which you can see here:




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