just another day in…religious paradise

today i got a brochure from my aunt kathleen (aka my religious aunt) and in it she circled a section on the evils of the vagina monologues.

here is what it says:
“In 2005 performances of the vile ‘Vagina Monologues’ occurred at 27 Catholic colleges and universities – that’s more than 10% of all the Catholic colleges in the US. This ‘play’ is replete with vulgarity, fould language, and graphic descriptions of lesbian activity. One scene depicts the seduction of a sexually inexperienced under-age teen girl by an adult lesbian, who first intoxicates the girl with vodka. And far from presenting the incident as sexual abuse that would be prosecuted as statutory rape in many states, the play celebrates it as the girl’s liberation and salvation….” blah blah the rest is about abuse in the catholic church.

next to it she wrote “Lord Mercy!”

i’ve seen the V monologues. the girl in question, i think, was 16? that is more than legal in many states. she also goes into detail about how she lusted after this woman forever before actually doing anything.

profanity? yelling the C word to reclaim it.

the overall feel of the monologues? celebrating and embracing femaleness.

a) i don’t think kathleen has see the V monologues and

b) i think she wanted to be born a man (cuz, in the catholic church, men are spiritually closer to god, apparently).

c) now that i’m married, she’s moved on from sending me celibacy and evils of pre-marital sex brochures to sending me “degradation of society!” brochures. oh boy.

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