it's that time again…

the minnesota state fair starts tomorrow! i is excite. 


the first time nate and i both went to the state fair together was also our first time at the state fair ever. i think this was in 2009. either way, we both wondered how on earth we went our entire lives without viewing the awesomeness that is the state fair, so we’ve been back every year since. (don’t ask me how agorophobic nate decided the state fair was awesome.)

in the four years i’ve been to the fair (and five visits), i’ve tried a lot of food. there have been some yummies and some duds. 

the yummies
deep fried lobster
tom thumb minidonuts (always awesome)
cheese curds
deep fried milky way
funnel cakes
french fries
martha’s cookies
crab fritters

deep fried pickles
the corn on the cob was ok, but not like WOOO CORN
scotch egg
i was disappointed with a shake i got. i expected a shake and got a frosty
the surly nate had was mediocre – not sure which one he got

what we want to try this year?
deep fried smelt
frozen cider pop
deep fried buckeyes mmmm
i’m getting a minneapple pie this year!
shrimp dog 

if you are really into the fair, i would recommend following andrew zimmern on twitter (@andrewzimmern) or at least checking out his blog. 

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