it's that time again

to vote! in a week, the polls will be open, and you, yes YOU will be expected to do your civic duty! so vote!

now, for those of you in MN who think you’re like-minded with me, i have done some research on the gubernatorial race (that’s governor to you). i think pawlenty slashed way too much, and mike hatch has some flip-flopping issues that he needs to deal with (not to mention his position on video games).

so, i’m voting independent.

peter hutchinson is the independent candidate for governor, and here’s what i especially like about him:

“Politics is broken by close-minded partisanship that has paralyzed our government. Most partisan politicians say they are ‘for’ schools, roads, health care or the environment but focus their energies on the threat posed by the ‘other side’ on the 5Gs: guns, gays, God, gambling, and gynecology. On every issue, and especially the 5Gs, the partisan extremes have made enemies of those they disagree with. They have used fear to divide us from our friends, neighbors and community. As a result we have lost sight of the common sense core that connects us. We have been voting our fears and are only more afraid. It’s time to claim our independence from close-minded politics and fear.”

not only that, BUT, he has a plan for the issues that he does think are important. at the bottom of each of his “issues” pages, there is a link to a PDF with a plan. now that’s a guy i can vote for.

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