i don’t know what happened: maybe i got a little older; maybe i was feeling left out; maybe it was just circumstance. but when i moved to rochester, i felt like i suddenly became more involved than i ever had up in st cloud. i went to land stewardship meetings. i met community members in my community garden meetings (and at the garden). i went to yoga classes. i went to a caucus for the first time! (that may have been a result of bernie.)

maybe it was the result of where i worked – it’s hard to work in an educational environment and ignore your surroundings. either way, i felt like i was doing a TON more down in SE MN than i had ever had up here. (or, maybe it was because being involved down SE was a lot more unfamiliar and took effort than in central.)

so i guess i’m going to try to hold that momentum and do the same up here. already it’s proving difficult to find a yoga class, and i’m hoping to have a house where i can plant a garden and not have everything die on me. but, i think i’ll make a concerted effort to try to be somewhat involved. 

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