i miss

not only does driving back and forth take its toll on my current life, but i miss a lot of other stuff that has taken a backseat while this whole commuting thing takes over my life.

1. cooking, for real. not the chicken breast and sweet potato i put in the microwave every night, but real, actual cooking. chopping, frying, baking, shopping. ugh. i like to make food but right now it doesn’t make sense.

2. not driving. i miss my 15-minute commute

3. all the kitties in one spot. in the same vein, i miss the door to my bedroom when sophie comes and stands on my head every morning and meows in my ear. stupid cat!

4. st. joe running. my running route in st. joe is awesome. relatively flat, goes to csb, scenic. i can choose another route with hills if i want, that’s also scenic. traffic is slow and the shoulders are large. my route in austin is static, hill up one way, then down the other, and it’s ok scenic, but you can only handle so much farmland.

5. nate. πŸ™ as much as i didn’t see him before, i see him even less now. boo.

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