i could write about…

elysiani could write about 50 shades of grey, but i didn’t read the books and don’t plan on seeing the movie, so i really can’t have an opinion.

i could write about my bedroom makeover, but it’s not done yet so i don’t want to spoil the surprise.

i could write about the ice cream waiting to be churned in my fridge, but i’ve written too much about ice cream already.

i could write about a fancy pants mythical fairy tale land filled with princesses and evil unicorns and midgets who hide coins under mushrooms, but i don’t want to delve into that.

i could write about the fantastic book i’m reading right now, but i’m going to wait and write a full review when i’m finished.

i could write about how charlie is ruining my home life, but he’s really not, so that’s a libel suite waiting to happen.

i could write about the measles outbreak, but i really don’t want to contribute to an already saturated blogosphere on that.

i could write about how people don’t know how to use a stupid search bar on a website, but i’m still annoyed about that and it would not end well.

i could write about the keystone pipeline, but that would require a lot of research i really am not in the mood for right now.

i could write about how kevin sorbo’s going to be at wizard world in may! yeah! so that’s happening! 

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