hope in the light

when the sun shines during january and february, i get a little spark of hope, even though the weather and atmosphere look a bit bleak. the sun starts to set a little later in the day, and when i take off for work, it’s a wee bit lighter out. in a couple months i’ll be starting my vegetables for planting, and my list for menards starts to get a little longer.

this year my vegetable garden will be a bit different. since my beds are underneath some black walnut trees, i need to do something about my tomatoes, which are hugely affected by the toxin in the trees. i just got the st. charles community ed flyer, and the city has 20’x50′ garden plots for $15. that might be more than worth it for the tomatoes alone, although i’d probably also put cucumbers in there and some squash so they have a place to sprawl. meanwhile, my beds in back will house some foodstuffs that aren’t so affected by the walnut trees. 

meanwhile, i keep thinking about my bulbs i have planted around my mailbox and in my flower bed and the peonies that are planted on the west side of my house. pretty soon the world will tilt the way i like it to, and the earth will feel it, and the flowers will bloom, and light will be here.

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