homeowner again and a rant

diverting back to houseblog, this will be my final houseblog post for a while. why? today nate and i finally closed on our house – two weeks past the initial closing date. woo! finally we are homeowners again. I’m excited to not worry about keeping quiet, paint the walls, put in a garden, PARK IN A GARAGE. omg. winter’s coming, you know. it was nice today, but it’s right around the corner.

and speaking of around the corner, christmas is. but thanksgiving is still only 2 weeks away, and for some reason the coffee shops have decided to get rid of anything pumpkin. i don’t understand it? thanksgiving is as much about pumpkin as halloween is. hello?? pumpkin pie??? but no, they’ve converted to mint everything, and i already miss my pumpkin mocha. (they do still have pumpkin bread, though, which is a relief.)


caribou, if you read this, let’s keep pumpkin around til at least thanksgiving. i like mint as much as the next person, but come on! let’s not rush things! life is short enough as it is to not savor pumpkin as long as possible.

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