here's to spring

tonight was commencement at rctc, and we got out of the sports center at about 9:30. it was gorgeous out! a perfect night for a bonfire. i drove home with the windows down, and since the college is on a pretty large acreage on the edge of town with lots of trees, i heard the frogs croaking in the ditches, the crickets chirping, the warm wind whooshing. it was the perfect night for a drive out of city limits, but i was so beat i needed to get home and crawl into the bathtub.

the other night i went for a bike ride. it’d been 95 degrees that day, but by 8 p.m. it had cooled off a little bit. i like riding my bike on my non-running days because it reminds me of how fast i actually CAN go past these places. that night was nice because the sun was low enough in the sky that it didn’t make me squint, but it was still light enough out to not worry. the trees are starting to leaf out a little bit, so they created a bit of shade as i cruised along. what was lovely was the pockets of cooler air as i went along, going from almost too warm to perfect, to too warm, to cool. i bike over to campus, and it’s like night and day. i live in a pretty trafficky part of town, then campus, which is less than a mile away, is almost in the country. i was biking along and i noticed two deer on the other side of the road, that then decided to bound right in front of me. the second deer was about 10 feet in front of me as it leapt across the bike path. i watched the white tails sticking straight up from their butts as they started toward the wooded area.

so here’s to spring, that lovely time of year that reminds you that yes, life can be pretty exciting.

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