hello december

whew. made it through kablpomo.

after every kablpomo, i’m all fired up to do a ton of blogging. OF COURSE i’ll blog every day. OF COURSE it will be great content. OF COURSE….i fall off the bandwagon and it just gets lost. 

i don’t know what to do about this. 

(i think if i got paid to do this, i probably would blog more.)

but i digress!! december is upon us. somehow, june has flittered away and the year is at its end. i’m not sure how that happened. i’m seriously still stuck in a june mindset. maybe i want it to be sprummer all year long. 

this weekend i pack up the autumnal decor and sit in a plain house for a week before the christmas explosion happens. no worries; it will be here way before i’m ready for it. 

in other news, i’m celebrating 12 years of marriage on sunday. WHO KNEW. XD

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