he needs the backup

i first started going out with nate when i was 24, which means charlie was 16 (nate was 25, if anyone’s interested). nate’s a big gruff looking dude who reminds me of my uncle squire. not someone you think you should mess with, but who will help the helplessnessed of kittens walk across the room. 

i think it was during the first month we were dating that mom and dad decided to leave charlie and jane for a while (this MIGHT BE the same time as the messy living room jane guest posted about last night). i was going to call a couple times to make sure they hadn’t blown the house up or killed each other. 

nate lived in sauk rapids at the time, so i was at his place when i made one of the phone calls. charlie answered and i made sure he was still breathing and the house was still standing. he asked how i was and what i was doing. 

well i was a dude’s house who i’ve been seeing for a month! 

WOW!!! who, what’s he like, what’s his deal? and let me talk to him.

so i gave him some specifics, then looked at nate and told him my brother wanted to say hi. sure, sure, that’s fine. 

after maybe a minute, probably less, nate handed the phone back to me.

“i told him if he hurt you, i will send the st. cloud mafia on him.”

and that was the first time charlie talked to nate.

Screen shot 2015-11-10 at 9.46.16 PM

nate sending giant bear hugs to charlie.

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