four years baby!

another post because why not. i completely blew my fourth anniversary of being (mostly) corn syrup free. i don’t think i’ve completely converted anyone i know, but a lot more people are aware. that’s all i can ask! 

an excerpt from the last chapter of my DS book, that i’m so close to being able to print out and have people look at for more ideas.

So what about devil’s syrup? One thing I’ve noticed is that more and more food producers are leaving it out and using sugar.

Every time I go to the grocery store is an almost-adventure. What will be changed now? A couple years ago I noticed that M&Ms had HFCS listed on their ingredients’ list. I did some research and the only thing I can figure is there had to have been a governmental policy that had let manufacturers choose not to list ingredients that comprised less than two percent of the food. Someone threw out the rule, and now every ingredient must be listed, so now I know the truth behind M&Ms. (Unfortunately, I had already purchased a huge bag for monster cookies. Chalk that up to not paying attention.)

Last summer was pivotal when I went to buy some low-fat graham crackers and saw a note on the regular, full-fat box that said “Now HFCS-free!” Of course my cynical mind said, yep, and instead they’re using regular corn syrup.  I was more than pleasantly surprised when I scanned the ingredients and saw sugar in white caps. I still had to make my own marshmallows for the smores I was going to be roasting over a campfire, but chalk one more item up in the DS-free column.

Subway recently changed their bread recipes, so all the bread they use is now DS free. If I’d like to have a wheat-bread sandwich, I can now eat it with ease of mind. They also got rid of an ingredient in their bread that’s used to make yoga mats, but that’s another story.

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