foodie friday: thanksgiving recap

that’s a lot of food to cook. maybe next year we’ll do tacos.


so jane had an enjoyable time hacking out the spine of the turkey so we could spatchcock it. it makes for a quick roasting time and a more even cook. this year i bought a smaller whole turkey and then bought a turkey breast so there were leftovers for everyone to take home.


liz did good getting the table figured out! those are some of my birch logs that i cut up and made into tealight holders. happy with how they turned out!


the bird turned out really well! and there’s that great gravy that jane spent three hours stirring. 

we tried a weird corn dish this year that i think everyone’s ok with not making again. i think we might pass on brussels sprouts next year, also. that’s a lot of food. 

i have a ton of leftovers! which is ok. and pie galore!

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