following through

next monday, it will have been three months since charlie’s accident. three months! it feels like it’s been three decades. 

anyway, i he got a notice in the mail today that his reparations claim was approved. what that means is that after his medical bills all go through car and medical insurance, the state will pay up to $50,000 in bills and go after the lady who hit him. 

this got me to thinking about her court date. jane and i both agreed with each other that we’d like to go to her trial. when i talked to the person at the county, she told me that it would most likely be a jury trial sometime in the early summer. her omnibus hearing will most likely be sometime in february (i think that’s where they figure out what to do). 

i checked the dakota county court website, and they only have calendar items one day in advance. really? wow. so here’s hoping that something comes in the mail. 

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