five stars; would attend again

zombie pub crawl was pretty awesome, despite being sober! i’d imagine it’d be more fun if i’d been slightly buzzed! i loved my costume, and had a lot of comments on it! the first guy who said anything actually had a leg tattoo of bruce! woo! only met one other guy dressed as ash the whole night.


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one thing i would add: more dirt and blood to my clothes and face. i would also make sure to bone up on more quotes besides “groovy” and “give me some sugar baby”. Β i’m impressed no one stole my gun, even though quite a few people started to take it out of its holster (i guess to see if it was real?). i’m also impressed i kept my trusty chainsaw that I got from on my hand for most of the night. i thought i would get sick of it and stick it back by my gun, but it wasn’t that much of a pain. i’m glad i went with a mirror image though so i could have my right hand free.

lots of zombies. lots of ornery people. lots of drunk people. i found waldo. a few zombie slayers (like me! haha!). next time we would start at the other end and get there earlier so we could see the actual festivities.

definitely recommend!

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