first for a reason

our forefathers were pretty smart. they put the first amendment first for a reason: your right to free speech and to assemble, freedom of religion, press – it’s all first because they’re some of the most important tenants of this country. more important, i would say, than the right to bear arms.

but here’s the thing: you can’t pick and choose which cause is more important when you defend someone’s first amendment rights. 

the same amendment that gives anti-trumpsters the right to protest gives you the same rights to protest DAPL. and stand in front of abortion clinics with signs. and protest the war. and and support the war. and wave signs saying gays are going to hell. you don’t get to pick and choose who should be able to protest and who shouldn’t.

but make sure you’re protesting legally and peacefully and within the law. the moment things start to veer toward the illegal is the start of why people get fed up with protesters.

and if you’re fed up with protesters? well,  that same amendment? it gives you the right to look away from those protesters. it gives you the right to say they’re wrong and their cause is wrong. but don’t tell them they can’t or shouldn’t utilize their firet amedment right and do anything you can to dissuade or prevent the from doing so. once the government start suppressing others’ rights in the first amendment, yours are soon to follow. 

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