somehow i thought that discovering a grey hair would create more commotion than it did! well, i’m not going to dye my hair, i know that for sure. if i’m going to age, i guess i’d better do it gracefully.

now nate has suggested that i get a second master’s degree in english. i would have my current GA for as long as i like, according to the place, but good god! i am sick of living in poverty! i want to have some cash so i can go out to eat once in a while or go on a shopping spree at the MOA. but….the english master’s is alluring….

what do you think? i get free tuition, basically. plus a decent job that i enjoy already. i don’t know…rr.rr.rr.rr 2 more years of school!

today is the anniversary of 9-11. more on that later.

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