fangirl review

pfft, rainbow rowell, i said. meh, who cares, i said. she can’t be that good, i said. 

well, i read a rainbow rowell book. and i take it all back.

maybe it was the hipsterishness that i feel surrounds eleanor and park, or maybe it’s the hippie name (you’d think i’d be on board with that!), but i poopooed her as a YA author that i just would choose not to read. 

but i was in the library looking at the YA section, and there was her book “fangirl.” the protagonist writes fanfic of what is essentially the equivalent harry potter in her world. why not? well, it was like reading about my first year of college, the way she described her introverted, shy heroine. i was ok with it. and it’s not just fluff; the writing is eloquent. flowy. just right. 

so i guess i’ll get my hipster on and check out eleanor and park next time i’m at the library. 

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