fair time!

the great minnesota get together was certainly hot when nate and i went. ugh…

we got there around 9:30 and stayed until almost 1:00, by which time i’m pretty sure nate had some level of heat exhaustion or dehydration. lovely.

the food scene was pretty minimal since it was so hot a person didn’t really want to eat anything. i had a chocolate sundae upon entry at the dairy building, and then i got a huge bucket of french fries (a mistake – should have gotten a smaller bucket). nate got a chunk of cheese deep fried on a stick and a scotch egg while i sucked down a summer shandy.

we stopped at the craft beer booth and each got something we didn’t necessarily like – he got a surly furious and i got a something something pumpkin pie spice beer. i drank it with my mini donuts (tom thumb, of course). we walked down to where our landlord’s food stands were and got some crab fritters for free (the star of the day, actually! they were really good!).

i missed cheese curds and especially my deep fried milky way. wouldn’t have minded something a little more substantial, like a hot dog or something.

overall the food experience was pretty bad and we didn’t see that much of the fair because we were hot and felt gross, although the crowds were minimal. it was sad because i was so ready to forgo my devil’s syrup rule and eat all things that i would normally avoid. πŸ™

we went to the poultry, rabbit, and sheep barns, but steered clear of the horse barns (we didn’t need a trip to the ER for nate in anaphylactic shock).

DSC01550 DSC01551 DSC01554 DSC01555 DSC01556 DSC01558 DSC01561 DSC01564 DSC01565 DSC01570 DSC01572(look at the sheep’s hardware! omg! nate said as i was taking a pic: “are you getting a close-up of his balls?”)


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