everything at once

when it rains, it pours?

right after charlie got in his accident, my grandma tripped on a rug in her bathroom and snapped three ribs and fractured three others. she was in the hospital for a bit, went to rehab, then was home, and was sleeping all the time. she got dehydrated, and she went back to the hospital a week or so ago, and yesterday the docs gave her two weeks to live. we’re moving her to hospice care tomorrow. 

charlie’s skull replacement surgery is next thursday. i’m not entirely surprised by this turn of events, as that seems to be the wallace mojo: already got one difficult thing happening to you? here’s another difficult thing! haha!

i guess that’s the way things happen. anyway, i will be traveling to st cloud tomorrow to see my grandma, and i should be blogging, but you never know. 

maybe over the next few days i’ll blog about grandma derry! but right now i’ve got to pack and get my crap together for tomorrow.

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