easiest fancy dessert ever

i have recently found the “galette”, which is a really fancy looking dessert that is easy peasy to make. i was looking for a way to use some pre-made pie crusts my grandma gave me like 3 years ago (seriously, those things were probably 5 years old – but frozen so not rotting). martha stewart came through, because i saw the fancy galette in her mag and decided to give it a go. it looked way easier than a pie.


roll out your pie crust dough and place it on a cookie sheet. i used parchment underneath so it would be easier to get off when it was done. pile on some fruit in the middle (you could also make this savory and put some mushrooms or meat in the middle). i also put a tablespoon or so of sugar/honey and a couple pats of butter.

fold it up around the edges and egg or milk wash the outside so when you sprinkle some sugar on it, it will stick. throw that bad boy in the oven at 350 for about 25-30 mins (check it – should be browned on the edges)
tada! fancy!

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